Hi Folks,

In the little time I have for recreation, I enjoy fishing.  Bass, mostly.

I do all my own work on my reels and all are supertuned to start.  They all receive bearings where there were bushings before, unless bushings serve a particular purpose better.  For example, my crankbait 5500 pre-C retains its spool bushings as they're better suited to its purpose.  It does, however, have bearings on the worm gear, driveshaft, and idler gear.

Generally, these reels come to me in rough shape for good prices.  I breathe new life into them.

However, I'm running out of room.  It seems reasonable to sell a few to fund new builds.  Thus, this page.  

And first up for your consideration:

This is a heavily modified 5000c reel. Foot number is 731002. Heavy finish wear (hey, it's over 40 years old!) and runs GREAT!

• no clicker

new right and left spool bearings

idler gear bearing replaces plastic-to-metal contact

right and left worm gear bearings replace bushings

crankshaft bearing replaces plastic bushing

• spooled with 50# braid (still usable though it's losing color; could stand to be replaced.)

carbon drag clutches for smooth, stick-free operation.

high-speed gear conversion (about 23IPT retrieve)

I built this last year and fished it for about half a season. I like it, but came across a different Ambassadeur that I want to use instead. I'm therefore giving you a chance at this.

I am only asking $75 because of the finish wear.  Shipping is free.  If you're interested, please contact me using this link:  (Sold)

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