What goes into manufacturing your Smith-Sight?  

Week 1:  Upon receipt of cleared payment, I order your stock sight from one of my suppliers.  It arrives in a few days to a week.  Upon receipt, I heat treat and perform initial hot bluing.

Week 2:  The second week, I machine your sight.  This involves drilling, tapping, and making custom sight posts to your specifications.

Week 3:  I perform final heat treatment, check fit, and perform final bluing.  

Week 4:  I hand rub a special, hand-made protective wax into your sight's bluing with a soft cotton cloth to help it maintain its matte finish.  Treated this way, the sight shows superior resistance to corrosive salts from surplus ammo.  I then package your sight and mail the package to you.

I should mention here that the above procedures are for complete sight orders only.  When you choose to send your sight using Sight Services (under http://www.smith-sights.com/#service) in it undergoes a similar but abbreviated process that preserves the original finish.  If your sight matches your rifle, I don't want to ruin that!

I hope you've found this to be informative!



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