Below are the pictures detailing the video on the right.  Chances are good you came here from YouTube; if you did not, the video discusses the camming surfaces, their purposes, and how to smooth them out, especially when one experiences "sticky bolt" – type symptoms due to hastily-made wartime camming surfaces.



$ 72 USD

Anti-Rimlock Kit

For specially troubled Mosins.  Cures rimlock where other methods have failed.

• Tweaked interrupter

• Full accurizing shim kit

• Added magazine toe shim

• Finnish HV (no-jam) magazine

Please make sure you're using the two-piece ejector/interrupter assembly.  The one-piece interrupter/ejector assembly will still work with the shims and the HV magazine, but you'll not be able to use the tweaked interrupter unless you have the two-piece assembly.

Free shipping within the United States by Priority Mail.  Ships in 7-10 days.  I cannot ship these internationally.

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