Classic Target Adjustable Sight (Refurbished)

$ 32.00 USD

This is a complete, refurbished Smith-Sight of the design I used c. 2014 to 2016. I sometimes find these on the used market, acquire them, and refurbish and update them.

Specs were checked, and a new post and set screw installed, and the sight was refinished.

This carries the same unlimited lifetime warranty as do my current, new sights, and you save $10.

I only have this one. First come, first served.

1911 Hammer - Hi Impact - Stainless

$ 45 USD

I bought this hammer and went a different route. This hammer has never been installed.

Fusion Firearms Part #1911-HMR-14-8

Free shipping.

Wolff Springs

$ 15 USD

Wolff sear spring, mainspring, and, I believe, a Series 80 FP block safety spring. Never installed. I'd keep this but have a bunch of other springs and will never use this set, and it could help someone.

Free shipping.

Ed Brown Hardcore Slide Stop

$ 0 USD

- Sold -

Ed Brown Hardcore Slidestop, slightly used. I installed this, ran it for a couple magazines, and went with a different style I liked better. I didn't do any fitting; just ran it. It's like new.

It's a forged, high quality part.

Free shipping.

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