OK 👍 to order. Ships in about a week.

For specially troubled Mosins. Cures rimlock where other methods have failed.

• Fitted interrupter

• Full accurizing shim kit

• Added magazine toe shim

• Finnish HV (no-jam) magazine

Please make sure you're using the two-piece ejector/interrupter assembly. The one-piece interrupter/ejector assembly will still work with the shims and the HV magazine, but you'll not be able to use the fitted interrupter unless you have the two-piece assembly.

This kit makes no permanent changes to your rifle.

Free shipping within the United States by Priority Mail. I cannot ship these internationally.

So What's the Difference?

Though the Mosin's interrupter should prevent the rims from locking, rimlock still does sometimes happen if the interrupter is out of spec, is overloaded by a shrunken or damaged stock, or if the action screws are too tight.

The Finnish No-Jam Magazine, used on the M39 Mosin rifle and compatible with all
7.62x54r Mosin variants, ensures against failure by automatically
stacking the rims in the magazine.


... even more exciting for me was the realization that my Mosin fed all 5 rounds reliably...

I thank you again for the quality parts and advice. 
My Mosin is reliable enough now to trust for self-defense even if I never use it that way.

Thank you again. - S.T.

I got the accuracy shim kit and the gold standard sight post installed on my Type 53.  I took it to the range this morning and was very impressed.  With open sights at 100 yards... I had shots touching each other!

...Your products help get the most accuracy out of the Mosin family of rifles without spending several hundred dollars.  I would not hesitate to recommend your products and service to other Mosin Nagant owners. - A.S.

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