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Finnish-Style M28/M39 Hybrid Trigger Set
- These triggers now have adjustable second-stage pulls! -
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Featured Products:

$10 Off Tactical Green Fiber-Optic Adjustable Sight

$ 55 USD

$5 Off BASIC Improvement Accuracy+ Kit

$ 18 USD

Pick your sight:

Tactical Green Fiber-Optic Adjustable Sight

$ 65 USD


Hunter's Red Fiber-Optic Adjustable Sight

$ 65 USD


Smith-Sights Gold Standard Adjustable Sight

$ 65 USD


Classic Target Adjustable Sight

$ 65 USD


M44 Adjustable Sights, Wide Base

$ 58 USD

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Please choose the posts(s) you
want from the right-hand column.

Smith-Sights Repair Kit

$ 17 USD


Anti-Rimlock Kit

$ 82 USD

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I cannot ship these internationally.

International Shipping

$ 42.00 USD

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Posts and Accessories:

BASIC Improvement Accuracy+ Kit

$ 18 USD


Improvement Accuracy+ Kit

$ 58 USD


Steel Pillar Bedding Kit

$ 52 USD


Trigger Fitting Shim Kit

$ 20 USD

These posts are for purchase separately or
with the M44 Wide-Base Sight, to the left:

Classic Target Post

$ 10.00 USD


Gold Standard Post

$ 10.00 USD


Hunter's Red FO Post

$ 10 USD


Tac Green FO Post

$ 10 USD

👉 Custom fitting of your stock parts
for optimum performance.
Anti-Rimlock Magazine Kits
👉 The only SS pillars available for the Mosin!
Mosin Hunting Pictures
👉 View others hunting pics and, if you like,
submit your own!
Custom Two-Stage Triggers
👉 The only commercial two-stage Mosin Trigger
Now with adjustable second stage.

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👉 Stuff I want out of the shop. Good deals!
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