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Finnish-Style M28/M39 Hybrid Trigger Set
- These triggers now have adjustable second-stage pulls! -
You may reserve a set for yourself now by clicking here!

👉 Custom fitting of your stock parts
for optimum performance.
Anti-Rimlock Magazine Kits
👉 The only SS pillars available for the Mosin!
Mosin Hunting Pictures
👉 View others hunting pics and, if you like,
submit your own!
Custom Two-Stage Triggers
👉 The only commercial two-stage Mosin Trigger
Now with adjustable second stage.

New! Clearance Page
👉 Stuff I want out of the shop. Good deals!
Featured Product:

Sale! Hunter's Sight Package

$ 75 USD

$10 Off for Hunting Season!

Normally $85.

-Purchased separately, these items would cost you $98!-

This kit makes no permanent changes to your rifle.

A fully adjustable Hunter's Red/Classic Target combination sight plus the Basic Improvement Kit.

These are my two most popular products. As with most of my products, these do not require permanent changes to your rifle or carbine.
Pick your sight:

Hunter's Red Fiber-Optic Adjustable Sight

$ 65 USD


Tactical Green Fiber-Optic Adjustable Sight

$ 65 USD


Smith-Sights Gold Standard Adjustable Sight

$ 65 USD


Classic Target Adjustable Sight

$ 65 USD


M44 Adjustable Sights, Wide Base

$ 58 USD

Click here for details.

Please choose the posts(s) you
want from the right-hand column.

Smith-Sights Repair Kit

$ 17 USD


Anti-Rimlock Kit

$ 82 USD

Click here for details.

I cannot ship these internationally.

International Shipping

$ 42.00 USD

This is required for
international shipping.

I will use the best shipping option
 available for
the price, usually Priority
First Class Insured.
Posts and Accessories:

BASIC Improvement Accuracy+ Kit

$ 20 USD

13% Off. Ends soon.

Click here for details.


Improvement Accuracy+ Kit

$ 58 USD


Steel Pillar Bedding Kit

$ 52 USD


Trigger Fitting Shim Kit

$ 20 USD

These posts are for purchase separately or
with the M44 Wide-Base Sight, to the left:

Classic Target Post

$ 10.00 USD


Gold Standard Post

$ 10.00 USD


Hunter's Red FO Post

$ 10 USD


Tac Green FO Post

$ 10 USD

- Domestic shipping is always FREE! -
Shipping within the United States is free, no exceptions.
If you're outside the US, please purchase International Shipping. Thanks!   

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