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From Poland, via email:

"Here with my hunting pictures with my Mosin M44 from poland..wonderfull weapon, for me very accurate and reliable on the african hunt.

I'm a Swiss police sergeant at the state police of Geneva and I do hunt with it at iron sights.

Receive my regards.

[Name Withheld]

 ps. I do love those rifles!"
Via email:

"Here (are) my hunting pictures with my Mosin M44 from Poland... wonderful weapon, for me very accurate and reliable on the African hunt.
I'm a Swiss police sergeant at the state police of Geneva and I do hunt (using) iron sights."

I shot this zebra burchnel with my open sight m44 in 7,62-54r with 1 round in the shoulder (Sellier Bellot 180gr sp) and the beast went down on the spot."

 Via email:

"Newfoundland Moose"

Via email:

" Finnish M-28 Mosin Nagant rifle. 203 grain silver bear ammo."

 Anonymous writes:


Here is a pic of me with my first boar and a Finnish M39 that was made on a Tula receiver from 1895. Cartridges were mil-surp light ball that I pulled the FMJ pill and replaced with a 150gr JSP. Boar was smallish, but tasty!


Here's a Romanian SKS ... once again, mil-surp ammo with the projectiles swapped for same weight JSP's. Not sure how the bayonet is so clean in this pic ... it definitely got used at the base of the skull to verify cooperativeness. Not quite the same property as the last one, but same county. 

"Tricolor" from writes:

This spike buck was shot on Nov. 24th, 2013 in Wisconsin. Rifle used was a 1955 Mosin T53 (bayonet has been removed), with Brown Bear 203gr soft points.  Distance: 30 yards.

"Newtothegame" from writes:

 1938 M38 Mosin 203 grain brown bear 

Deer was broadside to me about 75-100 yards 
Since I don't like the safety on the Mosin i Carry it with the bolt open while around others and in the woods.
Saw the deer step out from behind a tree and I pulled up and closed the bolt. Got on the sights and pulled the tigger in about 2 seconds.

Blew out the heart and one lung 
Deer sprayed blood about 6 feet up the tree for about a 30 yard run.
Then it expired and slid down a hill another 4 yards
While I was up to my arms trying to dress it a 7 point ran past about 7 yards away.

Btw this is a little button buck
Submitted by Anonymous

Eight points, taken on November 10th, 2012 in Louisiana.  The rifle was a Chinese Type 53 Carbine (M44 clone) and the ammo was Prvi Partizan 150 grain.

Submitted by Anonymous

The deer was taken last year on public land. Load was a 203 grain Silver Bear SP, distance was under 20 yards.
Submitted by Anonymous

Submitted by Anonymous

Left:  260 lbs hog taken by Finnish Sako M39 at 15 yards using Seller and Belliot 196 gr SP
Right:  150lb sow taken with Lee-Enfield Mk 4 No. 4 at 10 yds with Privi Partizan 180 gr SP
Submitted by Anonymous  

He writes:

"This is what a Mosin-Nagant 91-30 does to a fox that decides to kill chickens.  This was a direct head-on shot with the small entry wound being in the center of the chest.  The exit wound speaks for itself.

The fox was shot with Soviet Mil Surp ammo."

(Josh's note: The exit wound is very graphic and some may find it in poor taste.  I've therefore uploaded it to a hidden page.  Contact me through the email address above if you wish to see what a Soviet ball 7.62x54R exit wound looks like.)

Highbrow from writes:

Here is one from a couple years ago. 203gr Brown Bear. Darrel's scout mount.

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