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Can you remove your bolt's striker knob, also known as the cocking piece or hammer?  If so, that's all you need to be able to do to install my new Rigby-style rear sight!  Developed for hunters, this sight provides very fast target acquisition with precision slightly better than the original sight!  Also in the works is a target model.

Concerns have included movement on the part of the cocking piece.  Highly polished, this doesn't pull down when you pull the trigger!  A spring loaded ball bearing arrests any side-to-side movement.

See the pics and vid for further details:

Please excuse the surroundings and the picture quality. I did this at home, not the shop, in response to some concerns that the cocking piece will move on the x and y axis and not only the z axis. The first part demonstrates that I have a standard sear, while the second and third parts give different views of the striker knob dropping.

You will see that the cocking piece only travels in the direction it's supposed to.



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