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Range Report: Smith-Sight Rigby-Style Rear Peep Sight for the Mosin-Nagant
This is the first range report for my new Smith-Sight Rigby-Style Rear Peep Sight for the Mosin-Nagant.

On range day, conditions were about 34F, light wind, and overcast with snow flurries turning into snow showers.

Distance was 75 or 80 yards. Though I lasered it at 75 yards, my shooting position changed enough to extend the range a bit. It may not be 80 yards, but it's close. I've not done the math as I don't believe there's enough difference to matter.

I used for the first time a new handload. My accuracy load is 51.2 grains H4350 pushing a 174 grain Hornady Match. I need to ladder test the SMK/Varget load before declaring it as good as the Hornady Match/H4350 load, but went ahead and shot it for these groups as I was out of the Hornady loads.

I'm starting with the second group first.

Around playing card size, 10 shots, 2 fliers.

I shot this group in a snow shower. As I've mentioned elsewhere, I'm still getting over a cold. I was laying on a wet blanket with snow covering me and breath discipline had gone from difficult to near-impossible.

Now that the above embarrassment is out of the way, here is the first group:

Well inside the size of a playing card.

Well inside the size of a playing card, I really didn't need to work at this group. I just started flinging lead downrange. Natural respiratory pause was more like natural respiratory *cough*, so I did have a few problems. All-in-all though, for a fast-acquisition ghost ring style sight, this was acceptable.

Will this rifle shoot better? Yes, it will. It was not the fault of the hardware, but rather an inability to control my breathing as well as I usually can.

Even with the fliers, both these groups are on par with many Mosin groups I've seen posted around, and better than many.

I hope to get back out again soon, cold-free on a sunny day, to see what I can really do with this new rear sight.

I hope this has satiated some curiosity. Questions are more than welcome as I'm sure I've left some things out; I'm just not in that "writer's zone" I usually find myself in when I write reports of this nature.



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