Instructional Videos 

Here you will find instructional videos.  The list will grow as I make agreements with the authors!

A few will exit to YouTube while the majority are imbedded.

I am SmithSights on YouTube.  Feel free to distribute my videos.  Please speak with the other authors before using their videos.

My Mosin: Smith-Sights Research and Prototyping


I've not done a vid in a while, so I figured I'd post these pictures of R&D and prototypes. 
Please remember that many of these pictures are of items that are not yet completed and therefore are not blued or polished yet.

Smith-Sights Solution: Mosin Bolt Camming Surfaces

By Smith-Sights

PLEASE FORGIVE THE MESS!  This was my first long instructional video, done on a whim, and I'd been looking for things prior to filming.  Quite a mess and doesn't look professional.

The Mosin Nagant M91/30, a Short Documentary

By IronSideFilms

A school project for his AP history class, he turned out a documentary better than many you find on The History Channel! 

Mosin Nagant Accuracy and Precision: My Setup and Random Targets

By Smith-Sights

Mosin Bolt Features

by Smith-Sights

Feed Tuning the Mosin-Nagant

By Smith-Sights

Mosin Cheap Stripper Clip Fix

By Smith-Sights

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